Ukraine intelligence suggests Russian military is struggling

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense has reported that Russia is missing 40% of its junior commanders.

Andriy Chernyak, a representative of the ministry, said that “the Russian Federation will continue offensive actions because it has not achieved its main goal – the full occupation of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. And it is in the units located there that we observe that the occupiers have serious problems with commanders at the platoon or company level. Those who stand on the front line do not want to fight, to go on the offensive, many want to mutilate themselves in order to return to the territory of Russia and stop fighting. The majority do not plan to extend the contract, but no one asks them.

“We have already seen and continue to see the frequent replacement of generals and commanders of various levels who have not been able to complete their tasks. Apparently, this is their last chance to correct the situation and at least partially achieve their goals. Therefore, according to our estimates, staffing problems with the team composition of the Russians will only increase every day,” concluded Andriy Chernyak.

In January, the Russian military replaced the head of their Western Group Forces after the previous head had been in the position for only three months. Four people have taken the position in the last year since the invasion began.

Russian military power

According to the Global Firepower ranking, which ranks countries based on 60 individual factors, Russia is the second most powerful nation on Earth. In first place is the United States. Ukraine is placed 15th. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin visits the Admiralty Shipyards in Saint Petersburg, Russia, November 27, 2019. (credit: SPUTNIK/MIKHAIL KLIMENTYEV/KREMLIN VIA REUTERS)

The Power Index assesses the number of military units, financial standing, and geography among other variables. 

According to World Population Review, Russia has the 6th largest number of military personnel per 1000 per capita. The United States falls 7th on the list. 

Despite the ‘David and Goliath’ situation, Ukraine has reported that they have killed 111,170 Russian military personnel since the beginning of the Russian invasion until January 2023, according to Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty.

Initiatives to increase Russian military power

The Wagner Group, a group that has been sanctioned by the European Union and described as criminals by the United States, has been tasked with increasing military size in Russia.

The Wagner Group has recruited prisoners by offering reduced prison sentences and financial motivation to enlist.

The group came under scrutiny as 80% of the prisoners they have recruited are now missing, dead, or have deserted the forces. 

As The Jerusalem Post previously reported, one woman alleged she received a coffin from Wagner, only to discover it was empty. She said, “They told us that there was no need to open the coffin, because before sending [fighters to the war], they take some DNA, and when the corpses are found, they compare them,” said the woman.



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