Polar vortex’s return will mean dangerous -50 wind chill in Ontario

Western Canada has had its fair share of the extreme cold this winter, and now it’s time for the East to see a bout of it.

The polar vortex is back, much to the chagrin of Canadians across the country. With it will come extremely bitter and dangerous wind chills in parts of Central and Eastern Canada, including much of Ontario.

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The coldest air of the season for most will be seeping south this week, delivering daytime highs in the -20s and even -30s for some for a few consecutive days.

In far northern Ontario, daytime highs will struggle to break -20°C, even dipping as low as -30°C mid-to-late week, with wind chills forecast to bottom out into the -50s during the overnight and morning lows.

Meanwhile, central Ontario will see daytime highs and overnight lows in the dangerously cold territory: In the -20s and -30s with wind chills reaching into the -40s.

As much as 80 per cent of the province wil be in high-to-severe frostbite risk. This means in areas seeing a -50 wind chill, skin can freeze in just two or three minutes.

Southern Ontario won’t experience these exact extreme temperatures but still frigid for the region. Daytime highs will be 10°C-15°C below seasonal. The cold blast will be a bit more brief for southern Ontario, with Friday overnight into Saturday morning looking to hold the core of cold over the region.

Morning lows in the pre-dawn hours Saturday in southern Ontario will be in the mid-minus 20s for some, with wind chills in the -30s temporarily. Ottawa may even see a wind chill of -40 briefly during this time.

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While the blast will be mighty, the duration will be short, thankfully, and temperatures will rebound early next week — possibly even reaching above the freezing mark.

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