Paige Spiranac Has 1 Question About NFL Officiating

The Kansas City Chiefs narrowly beat the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship Game in somewhat controversial fashion due to some pretty questionable officiating.

For Paige Spiranac, while she’s excited for the upcoming Super Bowl matchup between the Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles, the situation yesterday raises some questions. Taking to Twitter, she begged the question whether the league needs to step in and modify the rules so that the level of officiating we received yesterday is improved moving forward.

“What do you you think? Should the officiating from last night be reviewed?” Spiranac asked.

Of the 380,000 people who watched her video response, some fans had some interesting responses to her question:

“Review what? The NFL got what they wanted,” one user pointed out. 

“The @NFL needs to allow more Red Flag Challenges and keep your Challenges if you get them correct. No penalty unless you are wrong!” wrote another.

“The officiating should be reviewed off site by another crew to confirm any calls on the field,” a third wrote.

“As @PatMcAfeeShow said in one of his shows, I think the first step is to make officials full time employees. You have enough money to pay the players what you do, you should be able to pay the refs say, $100k each to be full time with benefits,” another said. 

This is an issue the NFL has grappled with for year and will probably have to deal with for many more until they make wholesale changes.



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