NFL World Is Shocked Over The Joe Montana Omission

ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky made headlines this Thursday because Joe Montana wasn’t on his list of the top-five quarterbacks of all time. 

Orlovsky’s top five consisted of Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, John Elway, Peyton Manning and Dan Marino. 

Keyshawn Johnson was baffled that Montana didn’t make Orlovsky’s top five. 

“You’re either doing this to troll people and get your Twitter game up and your Instagram game and your TikTok,” Johnson told Orlovsky. “How the hell did you lose Joe Montana off this list? What’s wrong with you!”

Well, Johnson isn’t the only person questioning Orlovsky’s football knowledge this Thursday. Countless fans have ripped the former quarterback for snubbing Montana from his top five.

“I knew I wasn’t tripping when I was watching this live. Like how as a former QB you don’t even say some bs like that,” one fan said. 

Another fan wrote, “For every time Orlovsky does some legitimately good Xs and Os breakdown, he’ll say something this ridiculous.”

Dave DuFour of The Athletic tweeted, “I just don’t know how you have Marino here and not Montana.”

Montana absolutely deserves to be in the top five. He has four Super Bowl rings, eight Pro Bowl appearances, two MVPs and plenty of other accolades. 

Orlovsky may want to tweak his top-five list next time he’s on ESPN’s First Take.  



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