Mysterious Tom Brady tweet fuels crazy speculation

It only took three words to send the Tom Brady rumor mill into overdrive Sunday.

The Pro Football Talk Twitter account tweeted a GIF of Brady, with the words “Soon, Faithful. Soon.”

Plenty of NFL fans immediately set out to decipher that cryptic message. Does that mean the veteran quarterback has made a decision on his future, and Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio knows that decision, but can’t comment?

Or was it a joke making light of the San Francisco 49ers quarterback injuries in the NFC Championship that happened about the same time?

A number of fans took it to mean Brady might be headed to the 49ers in the offseason.

“What number will Tom Brady wear since 12 is retired (John Brodie)?” tweeted a fan.

“Ever since Matt Ryan took that bad sack in the Super Bowl, Kyle said never again. He wants a QB that can move,” noted a fan.

Another fan asked, “Are you trolling or serious? Why would SF take him now after passing 3 years ago and he looks worse?”

Fans of other teams checked in with their own speculation.

Then again, it’s possible PFT and Florio were just having some fun, and the speculation is for nothing. It’s possible Brady still hasn’t decided himself about his future. In a Jan. 23 interview, he ranted, “If I knew what I was going to f—ing do I would’ve already f—ing done it. I’m taking it a day at a time.”

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