Look: NFL World Not Happy With Tony Romo Tonight

The NFL world doesn’t seem to be as all-in on Tony Romo as it was when the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback first joined the broadcasting booth.

Sunday night, CBS has the call of the AFC Championship Game, featuring the Chiefs and the Bengals, with Romo and his play-by-play man, Jim Nantz, on the call.

Romo is taking some heat on social media for his in-game performance.

“Does Tony Romo say anything critical any more? “Smart play.” “Perfect Throw.” C’mon Tony baby. Not everything is perfect out there,” one fan wrote.

“He also called the play where Wylie got the holding a misdirection run. It was a zone run. Day one install,” former NFL player Geoff Schwartz tweeted.

Other fans have chimed in, too.

“It’s weird he was so good in the beginning,” one fan wrote.

“He used to be good. Now, it’s just infuriating,” another fan added on social media.

Perhaps he’ll turn it on in the second half.



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