Joe Burrow’s limited wardrobe in KC shows desperate attempt to send Chiefs a message

Joe Burrow’s wardrobe arriving in Kansas City on Saturday apparently didn’t get the attention he wanted because he wore it again ahead of Sunday’s game.

Pregame fits can send all sorts of messages, whether proof of unbelievable swag or questionable fashion sense.

This weekend, Bengals quarterback set out to send a message with a light pink suit and a t-shirt featuring a teddy bear and the words, “Sorry in advance.”

Here’s the thing, Burrow wore that exact same outfit getting off the plane in Kansas City on Saturday.

Joe Burrow’s wardrobe in KC was clearly trying to send a message to the Chiefs

Maybe there simply weren’t enough eyeballs on his “sorry in advance” message on Saturday. It certainly didn’t get the kind of social media reaction then as it got on Sunday ahead of the game.

Perhaps Burrow was worried the message wouldn’t make it to the Chiefs’ locker room or fanbase, so he picked the outfit up off his hotel room floor, did a smell check, and decided it was good to go for a second day.

Or maybe it’s possible Burrow is just like a toddler who liked an outfit so much he insisted on wearing it again the next day.

Will Bengals fans wake up to see Burrow in that pink suit before the Super Bowl in Glendale, Arizona? Or will Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs prove that the “sorry” of it all needed to be directed at the city of Cincinnati.

Burrow came away with a victory the last time he faced the Chiefs in Cincinnati in December. And he got a win when he last played in Kansas City in last year’s AFC Championship Game. His 3-0 record against the team started the eye-roll-worthy trend of calling Arrowhead “Burrowhead” instead.

The Chiefs will have plenty of motivation to put a dent in his swagger, but they will have to do it with Patrick Mahomes playing on an injured ankle and Travis Kelce questionable with a back injury.



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