Hungary rules out involvement in Ukraine conflict: «This is not our war».

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has ruled out that the country could get involved in any way in the conflict in Ukraine because, he says, it is not Hungary’s war, although he has expressed the importance of the cessation of hostilities in Eastern Europe.

“The Hungarian people are not responsible for this war, the Hungarian people can do nothing for the outbreak of war. The Hungarian people did not want this war,” Szijjarto said, according to ‘Magyar Nemzet’.

“This is not our war, we do not even want to get involved, we have to stay out of this war (…) This is the decision of the Hungarian people”, the foreign minister asserted, alluding at this point to the latest election results.

Szijjarto thus reacted to the words of his German counterpart, Annalena Baerbock, who at the last Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe would have stressed the importance of the European bloc acting jointly and without blaming each other.

In fact, the Hungarian minister pointed out that the international community should opt for political discourse aimed at achieving peace, and thus avoid measures that could cause the war in Ukraine to drag on for a long time.

For Szijjarto, the longer the war lasts, the more suffering will have to be endured, the more deaths will have to be witnessed and the more displacements will be recorded in Europe, all this in addition to a worsening of economic conditions and energy supply.

The statements of the Hungarian diplomatic representative come just a day after Germany has unblocked the shipment of Leopard model battle tanks to Ukraine. The United States, for its part, also confirmed the supply of more than thirty Abrams tanks.




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