Football World Surprised By The Jim Harbaugh Development

Snip-snap, snip-snap, snip-snap. 

That’s what it feels like following the Jim Harbaugh offseason rumors. Michigan’s head coach has said that he’s committed to remaining with the Wolverines, but he can’t seem to shake the NFL rumors.

Days after publicly announcing his return to Michigan, Harbaugh reportedly met with the Denver Broncos ownership group.

Could Harbaugh finally leave Michigan for an NFL job?

“With the Broncos circling back with Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, it’ll be interesting to see whether the Walton-Penner group starts to throw its financial weight around to get someone. Greg Penner reportedly traveled to Ann Arbor to meet with Harbaugh last week concerning the franchise’s head coach vacancy, despite the Wolverines coach stating firmly that he would remain with the program on Jan. 16,” Sports Illustrated writes.

“It’s worth noting that Schefter was the first to report Harbaugh meeting with the Broncos the second time He clearly knows something and maybe something is happening behind the scenes that he knows,” one fan wrote.

“I thought it would be middle of the month. I wanted Jim Harbaugh, still a chance (outside, but it’s there). I LOVE how close they’re playing it to the vest, but I don’t like the SPIN through the process,” one fan added.

Is this the last we hear of Harbaugh to the NFL or will the Broncos actually be able to pull this off?



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