Canada Released A New $20 Coin In Honour Of Queen Elizabeth II (PHOTOS)

The Royal Canadian Mint has released a coin in honour of Queen Elizabeth II. The one-ounce pure silver coin will have a face value of $20 and is one of many from a newly released collection, which was designed to honour the legacy and life of the late monarch.

The coin’s reverse, designed by Cecily Mok, features the symbol of her reign, including the queen’s personal identifier, and the Royal Cypher surrounded by four crystals — each representing one of the four effigies that have graced Canadian coins since Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953.

And of course, the feature some might be most drawn to are the 16 green and blue glass stones that “represent some of the historic jewels that famously adorn the crown, as well as those from Queen Elizabeth II’s jewellery collection,” the Mint wrote.

The obverse of the coin includes a double-dated engraving meant to commemorate the queen’s historic 70-year reign along with the four existing effigies of her majesty in the centre.

The newly released $20 coin honouring Queen Elizabeth II.The Royal Canadian Mint

Now, the coin might be worth $20, but it’ll cost you a bit more — okay a lot more than that. The silver coin, titled The Imperial State Crown can be purchased on the Royal Canadian Mint’s official online shop for $159.95.

If that’s too expensive, the Mint also released a $5 coin featuring the colour portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, which was taken during her last Canadian homecoming in 2010. The quarter-ounce silver coin, titled Queen Elizabeth’s Portrait, runs for $34.95.

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